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L.E.D. Fishing Lures

Attract Fish with natural look plus flashing light!

These new L.E.D. Light Up Fishing Lures
look and act just like many popular crank bait style fishing lures, but with a difference. The LED light in the tail is activated as soon as it hits the water.(Except for the Tac Flash Soft Fishing Lures. Those you turn on the light manually)

These fishing lures are especially effective in low light conditions such as dark water, early morning, late evening, and deep water situations.

These Fishing lures are great for casting and even better for trolling, especially when the fish are not biting other lures or baits.

Stimulate their territorial instincts with an L.E.D. Light Up Lure. Works great for Pike, Walleye, Bass, and even Muskie.

6 colours of Micro Mite Fishing Lures and 6 colours of Tac Flash Soft Fishing Lures.

 fishing lure is 3 or 7.5 cm long.

All lures are $10.00CAD

Micro Mite Fishing Lures

These are floating lures.